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The 5 Biotypes of Depression
As developed by William J. Walsh, PhD


Mainstream medicine looks at clinical depression as a single entity rather than a collection of different disorders that must be treated differently.   They are essentially all treated with SSRI medications, drugs that are targeted toward the primary neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine and norepinephrine.  The result of this approach, as we will see below, is that some will benefit, some will not and some will get worse.  A much better outcome would result if depressed and anxious patients would be given specific laboratory tests to determine their particular depressive biotype.
The biotypes by Dr. Walsh were developed with a database of 2,800 patients and over 300,000 chemical analyses of their blood and urine.  This huge database found that the depressed population had blood and urine chemistries that were significantly different from the general population which lead to the development of the 5 biotypes.

5 Types of Depression, how they are determined and how to improve

—Adverse reaction to folic acidHigh inner tension but calm demeanor
—Obsessive-compulsive tendenciesHistory of perfectionism
—Self-motivatedSeasonal inhalant allergies
—Good response to antihistaminesHigh libido
—Low tolerance to painHigh fluidity (tears, saliva etc.)
—Very strong-willedCompetitiveness in sports
—High suicidal tendencyaddictiveness
—Sparse chest/leg/arm hairbusy mind w/ negative self-talk
—Denial of depressionfrequent headaches
—Family history of high accomplishmentnoncompliance with therapies
—Rumination thoughts about past eventsoppositional defiance as child

Whole blood Histamine level (will likely be elevated – above 70ng/ml)
A depressed SAMe/SAH ratio

The presence of 40% of the above symptoms is consistent with a folate biotype depression

Whole blood histamine (will generally be low – below 40ng/ml)
Serum folate (will also be low)
Methylation profile (an elevated SAMe/SAH ratio)

Tests to Evaluate the 5 Biotypes



Please take note: you cannot determine methylation status, copper excess or zinc deficiency or some of the other biochemical abnormalities without proper testing.   Self diagnosis and supplementation without proper testing is never recommended .  Too many people will get their biotype completely wrong, and will likely make things far worse for themselves.

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