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My Philosophy of Health and Healing


The services that I list on this site are not intended for diagnostic purposes, but to determine the functional state of health of my patients.  Disturbed functional health does not necessarily mean pathology or disease exists.   However, I do believe that functional ill-health and a disturbed biochemistry of the body are significant stressors that precipitate a variety of symptoms that can be felt by individuals even when a physician has found “nothing wrong”.  Many of these abnormal physiological stress responses are either not observed or ignored in conventional diagnostics, but they are easily observed in the functional evaluation assessments which I offer in my practice.  Correcting these, I believe, leads to improved health and wellness in every patient.   

The evaluation and assessment tools I use to determine the state of a patient’s health are designed to support my philosophy of health and healing.  So let me be more specific and outline what my philosophy of health and healing really is.  I will list it point by point in no particular order.

The body truly does all the healing.  Vitamins, herbs, minerals, etc are all important, but they don’t heal.  The body needs some things removed and it needs healing support from nutrition, homeopathics, herbs etc.  When both of these take place, the body has a much greater chance to return to the state it was originally intended to enjoy.

I grew up being a vegetarian.  Many years later after finding myself anemic and always wondering why I was so weak, I changed to add meats to my diet and found I was definitely benefiting from the change.  Unfortunately some have chosen their diets not based on what is ideal for them, but often on what someone else found to work and was convinced it would work for the rest of the world as well.  So I will often tell some patients, “You can eat your meat and potatoes, but you have to be willing to pay the price”.  And to others I may also say, “You can be a vegetarian, but you may have to be willing to pay the price”.…because if we eat against our metabolic type there will be a price to be paid – not necessarily in the short run, but always in the long run.  My price was anemia and chronic weakness, others may actually be much worse. 

Because this concept is so absolutely true, two individuals eating the same diet may predispose one to get diabetes and the other heartburn.  One individual may have a very high need for Vitamin B12 and another gets by with a normal amount.  Siblings born into a family with a history of depression, one of them has a very high need for neurotransmitters to make his/her brain work well and the other get by with much less.   Every person is biochemically unique and needs to be treated as such. 

Epigenetic controls around out genes are switches that turn our genes on or off.  Our epigenome (the cellular material sitting on top of the genes) interacts with our environment on a daily basis.  It is the environmental chemicals, toxins or beneficial nutrients that influence the epigenome to turn the gene off or on.  But this is equally true with our thoughts and beliefs as Dr. Bruce Lipton has so eloquently shown in his book, The Biology of Belief.  So the Science of Epigenetics is clear, our genetics are not static but quite dynamic and changes daily, perhaps hourly by our epigenetic coding which in turn is completely influenced by the foods we eat, the air we breathe, what we drink and the thoughts we think.

As a Christian, I believe we were divinely created to worship.  And worship we will.  If we will not spend time with and worship God, we will worship something – sports, money, sex, drugs, work, etc.  None of these are ultimately satisfying and as a result we continually want more, but regardless, it is never enough to satisfy.   God asks us in the Holy Book, why we have forsaken Him as living water and dug for ourselves broken cisterns that hold no water.  And it is a good question.  But regardless of one’s belief system, I treat all equally and with respect and never force my beliefs on any patient.

We have flooded our environment with toxic chemicals and every person on the planet has heavy metals, like mercury, lead, arsenic, pesticides, and industrial chemicals like dioxins, PCBs, and flame-retardants.  We are bathed in electromagnetic fields from computers, cell phones, TVs, refrigerators etc.  It takes effort and energy to protect us from these or to remove them from our bodies.  Leave them in your body at your own peril.  They are doing us no good.

Health care has previously been described as one of two metaphors.  Western medicine views the body much like a mechanic.  Diseased or dysfunctional parts are patched or removed and replaced.  There is a little effort to train the owner to get regular oil changes and proper gas etc., but not much.  Naturopathic medicine and most of Oriental medicine views the body more like a farmer (at least the old time farmer) views his soil.  He builds his soil with nutrients and healthy fertilizers; he makes sure it gets proper hydration and sunlight and he cultivates it regularly.  It takes time but he does his work well and he is rewarded with healthy crops.   It reminds us of another great old proverb, “Diet takes better care of you than a scalpel”, and it almost always will.  So each person is ultimately responsible for their own healing journey.  I can only facilitate, as a teacher, to prod you on toward better health. But in doing so, my objective is to empower each patient to reclaim their health and then be rewarded with a better, happier life.

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